Inspired by the traditions of French Gastronomy and created using ingredients from France and her territories, La Sauce Piquet is a Gourmet Habanero Sauce which excites the senses and leaves you asking for more. Well rounded with hints of red and yellow fruits its the perfect accompaniment to any meal or the secret ingredient for your next culinary creation.


In the world of modern culinary excellence, few would argue that the French have led the way in developing, creating and celebrating food. When we look back to the origins of what is modern day French cuisine and more precisely the idea "Grande Cuisine", we must make mention of two of the kings who together set the foundation; Marie-Antoine Carême and Auguste Escoffier.

Both were heralded as "The King of Chefs and the Chefs of Kings". While throughout their lives they achieved many firsts, what is particularly notable is their work on creating and subsequently codifying the base of Modern French Cuisine. Mr. Carême first developed the idea and initial "Mother's Sauces" with Mr. Escoffier further expanding this list which is referred as the five "Mother's Sauces" of which most of French cuisine is linked to.

Sauce Béchamel • Espagnole • Velouté • Hollandaise • Tomate

In addition to his work on developing and codifying both the mother's sauces and the recipes which rely upon them, Escoffier along with Kikunae Ikeda from Japan postulated that in addition to Sweet, Sour, Salt and Bitter, that humans possess a fifth taste sensation, sometimes referred to as Savory or Umami. It is written that Escoffier would later develop his menus with the goal of pleasing all five taste sensations.

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All Natural with no Preservatives

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Created using only ingredients native to France and her territories

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A combination of ingredients that stimulate all five taste sensations

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